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My affiliation with Bella Shaye, Fine Fashion Jewelry as the Maryland State Leader is super exciting! I cannot wait to share these beautiful products and this amazing business opportunity with everyone I have yet to meet. The fact that our consultants are not over saturating the marketplace and the company offers no company fees to our consultants is truly unique in direct sales! I originally joined Bella Shaye with many years of previous direct sales experience, which includes accomplishments such as sales earnings to pay off family debt and to afford the luxury of family vacations, earning a company car and various personal prizes (such as gift cards, handbags and jewelry), and advancing my previous sales career to the level of Sales Director. The most enjoyable aspects of direct sales for me is meeting other people, coaching others in achieving their business and personal goals, and leading by example. Some of my goals with Bella Shaye include continuing to spread the news of this incredible company through home parties, achieving personal sales to build our family fund to purchase a new home and building a team of consultants in every county throughout the state of Maryland and beyond.

In addition to my sales career with Bella Shaye, I am a wife (married for 12 years), mom of two wonderful boys and a geriatrics nurse. I truly love every aspect of my busy life — as I am also taking classes to advance my nursing career, a cub scout leader and a summer swim team manager. It is possible to find time and manage a Bella Shaye business in the midst of all your personal commitments. I am proof of that. I am always available to provide additional information and answer questions.

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