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About Our Jewelry

Our Catalog Jewelry is crafted of the finest materials and consists of the latest styles and trends all at an affordable price. All styles for all budgets. Our Jewelry starts at just $12.

Our manufacture is known as the best manufacturer of fashion jewelry in the industry. Our manufacturer started in the jewelry business producing "fine" jewelry (gold, diamonds) and had branched out into fine fashion jewelry many years ago. Not only do they produce jewelry for Bella Shaye, but high-end department stores, jewelers and much more.

14kt Gold Plating is 20 microns thick which is double the US standard.

Rhodium Plating ranges from 2-3 mils thick and is double the US standard.

CZ's used range from Grade AA to AAAAA (5 A's being the best) Most manufactures produce Grade A or below, again we are double or more of the US standard.

Our Jewelry is 14kt Gold Plated over base metal or .925 Sterling, Rhodium Plated over base metal, .925 Sterling, 925 Sterling Silver, Gold and Silver tone.

Our Jewelry Manufacturers comply with California Prop 65 Jewelry Law Click Here to Learn More

California maintains the most stringent U.S. laws regarding lead content in jewelry components.

Our Jewelry is intended for ages 13 years or older.

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