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I have been in direct sales for almost 5 years now. When I started the direct sales business my goal was to have fun, occupy my time since my daughters went off to college and of course get all the jewelry I could!! I love Jewelry!! Well I had fun, it did occupy my time and I have to say I have jewelry!! I was a manager within 3 months of starting and earned 3 trips for my husband and myself, as well as numerous special training trips to wonderful places. My goal has changed after seeing all the women that the direct sales business has helped. We became a sisterhood and made friends we will have for the rest of our lives. My goal is to help women and men succeed in the Bella Shaye Fine Fashion Jewelry and accessories direct sales business working by example and learning all I can along the way. My two sayings are:

If love what you do , other's will too! I love what I do!

For the opportunity of a lifetime contact Lynelle Prast _ LadyBling, " It's not just the bling, it's a lifetime thing!!"

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